Don’t let the world corrode your soul!

Don’t let the world corrode your soul!

Staying positive amidst negativity – recognise that you need not allow what you hear corrode your soul.

Stop the sound of negative voices swirling around like a bad recording in your head.  We are experiencing information overload both good and bad.  Everywhere we turn, information is available whether we want it or not.

With high speed technology enabling news and information to go around the world with just the click of a button, our eyes and ears see and hear so much.  Snapchat sending out 2 seconds messages/images, twitter sending out 140 character messages.  So much information both true and false circling the globe at lightning speed.

One moment someone tells you how awesome you are and the next, who knows what terrible things people can dream up of saying about you.

The important thing is to have a positive mental attitude.

People will believe what they want to believe but if you are reading this, you are in the right place because you can do something about it.  It is not a matter of – if you believe it, it must be true.  It is more than that.

For instance, if you think that you look awful because your skin is dry and your hair is oily and stringy, you can do something about it.  Look for good skincare, check out if a facial can help you.  Look for a good hairdresser to get your hair styled and get a good shampoo.  So there is a solution out there if you will just look for it.

Let’s say that you are running a business because this is something that affects not just yourself but also your family and if you have employees, then it will affect them and their families as they are all dependent on your business.

You keep grinding away and putting away the hours working hard at your business and although you have so many satisfied customers, you can’t seem to get more customers and business.

Negativity starts to set in.  Your family is not seeing enough of you.  Your children are growing up without you.  You have missed all the important soccer games and parent teacher meetings.  The school teachers are beginning to think that you have no interest in your children.

Is it all worth it?  All these negative thoughts nag at you daily when you have a moment to spare like – your business is going to fail.

But could it be that your business will be a huge success if you could just have more customers?  You have an excellent product or service and well trained and motivated employees but you worry about the cost of advertising.  You see it as something that will be ongoing and be a constant drain on the finances of the business.

So where can we find anything positive in such a situation?  Expand your thinking by looking at different solutions and not focus on the problem.

Let’s start with whether you have a web presence.  Today more and more people are going online to look for businesses selling products and services.  You are thinking that you already pay to advertise in the phone book and it is starting to get more and more expensive each year.

Can you better use your hard earned money?  Consider that Google has just announced that there are 3 billion people online today.  When was the last time you picked up a phone book to look for a business or a phone number?

It is time to think of one of having a web presence.

If you are following where this is going and connecting up the dots as we go along, then you know that you need to get help from a legitimate seo professional.

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Find a Seo company that will take the trouble and time to find out what your business is about, what values you hold and how you would like to project yourself in the marketplace.  A reputable seo professional will help you to build a digital asset whilst communicating your message.

Until the next time!

A Brilliant Perspective

Graham Cooke in his website at wrote the following:


If you feel bad enough, would you like others around you who love you and care for you also start to become negative as well?

I, for one, am not going to tell you to snap out of it, as it is not going to be as easy as just saying it to achieve it.  If it were that easy, you would have done a long time ago.

However a good starting point is to look for the silver lining in every situation to begin with and change your perspective on things.

Try that and see what happens.

Until the next time!